Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 YouTube Channel Art Banner

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Banner

I’m back! If I would have posted this banner in 2 weeks it would have been exactly 1 year after the last YouTube channel art I’ve posted. And funny enough it’s also a Call of Duty banner… WWII. Maybe Call of Duty sucked the energy out of me and I just couldn’t go on. Just like I haven’t bought a COD game since modern warfare, and I was a huge fan of the original 2 on PC. But my long streak of not buying any COD games is about to change…

I’ve been having a ton of fun playing the Black Ops 4 beta, the regular multi-player as well as the BR, Blackout. I like the way the implemented perks as well as the slightly faster pace over PUBG.

To celebrate the release of BO4 and to celebrate me giving money to Activision again, I decided to create a new YouTube channel art banner for Black Ops 4. Hope you like it.

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