Last updated Feb 10, 2019

A collection of handy resources that have been useful to us, and will be useful to you.

Website & Domain Hosting

Have you been thinking of getting a website for your channel or brand? It’s actually really affordable and easy to setup. Bluehost offers unlimited website hosting for under $5 a month. And they have tools that make it really easy to setup a website, even if you've never done it before.

Check out Bluehost (special discount link)

Image Editing

I used Photoshop for over a decade, but for the last few years I've switched to Affinity Photo. I love using it and cost the price of one month of Create Cloud, which I gladly cancelled.

Affinity Photo

Banner Templates

If you're looking for a banner for a channel other than gaming related, check out my 10 customizable banners in different genres.

Banner Templates

Banner Sizes

Channel art size information, which part of the banner displays on each type of device.

YouTube Banner Sizes