Turn YouTube Visitors Into Subscribers Using This Little Trick

Subscribers are the are the lifeblood of a YouTube channel. And a lot of your effort needs to be spent on attracting and gaining subscribers. But sometimes small tweaks can have surprisingly great impact on that effort.

I’m going to show you how to increase your YouTube subscribers using probably one of the simplest tricks out there. All it takes is one tweak to a channel setting and an image… which I’ll be providing. (And no it’s not a banner)

You’ve probably seen this feature…

It’s commonly used, but it’s usually wasted…

I’m going to show you how to use it differently, in a much more effective way.

What do you see in this picture?


Other than than a sabre-toothed lion about to mess your shit up… it’s the brand, the watermark in the bottom right corner. Every video on this channel has the exact same image. This watermark is clickable and can be configured in your channel settings under branding.


Most channels that use this feature will put their channel name, or brand name/logo in there. But that’s a waste, you’re a much smarter YouTuber than that. I’ll show you what you an do instead to turn more viewers into subscribers.

Are you Apple? Nike? Coke?

I’m going to guess no (can one really be a company?). You shouldn’t care about brand at this point, I’m not saying it’s not important, but I’m saying unless you already have a huge subscriber base…

Gaining subscribes is more important than brand.

When a viewer hovers over the watermark the channel name is displayed, when clicked it’ll navigate the viewer to your channel home page. Most people don’t click on watermarks that have a logo in them. They have no reason to, unless you ask them to do it.

We will ask them for a specific action, we’ll ask them to subscribe. But we’ll do it right in the image.

You don’t have to use your logo in the watermark, it can be any image you want. You can use a subscribe button. This will automatically place a subscribe button on every video in your channel.

It’s attention grabbing, and it gets results.

People are more likely to click on an image when it asks them to perform an action. It’s simple psychology, it’s actually the reason Google doesn’t allow third party advertisers to use the words “click here” in their advertising. Some people will click almost on autopilot.

I’m not saying you should trick your viewer, or use jedi mind tricks. If you have an awesome channel, and your users will benefit from subscribing, you should be doing everything you can to make that happen.

So when they land on your channel home page after clicking that button…

You better impress them.

Make sure your channel art is good, use one of the many freely available on this site, or get a custom one designed.

Make sure you have an effective featured video, I’ll be writing a post on that soon, you can [thrive_2step id=’1340′]click here to get on a waiting list[/thrive_2step].

It’s a simple hack and yet it’s very effective.

There are tons of different buttons you can find on the net, but who knows of their copyright. I’ve created one for you form scratch that you can use in your videos. (Right click the image and select to download it).

Watch this video, I’ll show you how to setup your subscribe watermark.

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