10 Free Customizable YouTube Banner Templates

Last updated Feb 10, 2019 by fedor

This website has hundreds of free banners available for download, try the search to see if you can find something for your channel. But if you're looking for banner templates that you can customize yourself with Photoshop (or anything that can read a PSD), you've come to the right place.

#1 - Healthy Eating

healthy eating

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Hey I'm all for healthy eating and healthy lifestyle! Anyone working on improving themselves or helping others is awesome in my book. If that describes your channel feel free to use this YouTube banner.

#2 - Make Up Tutorials

makeup tutorials

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A popular genre on YouTube. If you share beauty tips and makeup tutorials on YouTube feel free to Download PSD and customize this banner.

#3 - Tech Products

tech products

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One of my favorite genres, tech reviews. Basically all tech purchase decisions go through a bunch of YouTube reviews first.

#4 - Vlog/Lifestyle

vlog lifestyle

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Quite a few successful vlog channels out there. It's a fun and creative outlet. If you have a vlog, or a lifestyle channel, Download PSD and customize this banner.

#5 - Music


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This music channel template can be used for channels that either play music or create music.

#6 - Travel


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I love travel, but I mean who doesn't. If your YouTube channel focuses on travel, wether it's reviews or a travel vlog, this will work for anything related to travel. Download PSD and customize this banner.

#7 - Education/Classroom


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Lot's of different opportunities on YouTube for educational channels. If that's what you're about then this banner might just be right for you.

#8 - Code, Programming, Development


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As a developer this genre holds a special place in my heart. I've consumed a lot of tutorial and I plan to eventually start a code related channel. But if you're already there, go ahead, download and customize this banner.

#9 - Generic Gaming


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This site is dedicated to be the #1 source for gaming banners. There are hundreds of game specific banners on this site, just use the search at the top. But if you want just a generic banner that you can customize with your channel name, then this one might be right for you.

#10 - Sports / Workout / Fitness


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Another genre I personally enjoy, besides eating healhty, I try to stay in shape and exercise. If your channel is about fitness feel free to use this banner.