YouTube Banner Sizes and Starter Template Download for 2022

Last updated Nov 12, 2022

For the best results, YouTube recommends having a single image that measures:

2560 x 1440px

This image will be displayed differently depending on the device the user is accessing your channel with.

What dimensions are view-able on what devices?

  • 1546 X 423 px – Minimum size of channel art. This will be view-able on all devices.
  • 1855 X 423 px – Tablet viewing size
  • 2560 X 423 px – Maximum viewing size on desktop computer.
  • 2560 X 1440 px – The entire image will be view-able on a TV

Download the YouTube channel art banner template below, it will display the boundaries of the different devices. You can use it as a base to start a new banner.

Banner Template Sizes

> Download the Affinity Photo YouTube Banner Template > Download the PSD YouTube Banner Template > Download the PNG YouTube Banner Template